Tiago joins avesta gaming

We are proud to welcome our newest player Tiago to our Fortnite Academy Team! Tiago is probably one of the best German upcomers in the Fortnite scene. Especially in the FNCS Solo invitationals he proved what he is able to do! In Week 1 he was able to fight his way to 89th place, unfortunately he just missed the qualification for the Grand Final. Nevertheless he finished the Reboot Round on the incredible 9th place and qualified for the Grand Final.

The grand finals

The day had come, the Grand Final was imminent. The best of the best will play each other in the Grand Final. On the first day 6 rounds were played. In the first 6 rounds Tiago reached the incredible 20th place with 63 points. On the last day, after 6 difficult games, he made the 48th place with 87 points (63+24). After that we did not hesitate to take him into our Academy Team! We are looking forward to many more great placements!