Avesta Gaming merges with Team AcY

On the 06.05.2020 we, from Avesta Gaming and Team AcY, decided to merge together. We came to an agreement to work together and to have a brighter future. This new era started with the words: „Welcome to Avesta Gaming 2.0!“

Avesta Gaming´s Owner Rudolf „Avesta Asny“ Moser said this about the merge: It’s a honor for me to work from now on with Team AcY. I knew them from the beginning and always supported them. I knew what happened behind the organization and what goals they had. It’s just incredible that we can work together! It wasn’t an easy way to be honest. We tried it 2 times before but had some issues that we could solve now. I’m really glad to work with these professional managers. Our management and the Team AcY management worked from the first day perfectly together. It’s just amazing to see how people have fun on their job and how they can support each other and to provide some good ideas. We were also able to work on some projects we could never have done alone. I’m very excited for our future! Together we will create some really big projects in the upcoming time.

Team AcY Founder Léonard „Avesta Aim“ Eybert said this about the merge: It is for me a great opportunity to work with the entire Avesta Gaming Team. The owner Rudolf „Asny“ Moser & I have been friends for one year. We both started with two different organizations but helped out each other. One day we asked each other if we should merge together because if we use the skills of AcY & the skills of Avesta Gaming, we might have brighter future than before. After a long discussion with both teams, we came to an agreement and made it official! It means a lot for me, because we worked very well together from the beginning. Let’s see how many great moments we will share and how many successes we will celebrate together.

Through the merge with Team AcY we got new opportunities, such as expanding into other games. We can now start bigger projects and look forward to a great future! We can welcome more players to Avesta soon!
We also got many new members through the merge: Aim (COO), Flix (General Manager), Finex (Social Media Manager) and Ryze (Fortnite Manager).
Welcome to the family! #Readytotakeover