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About us

Avesta Gaming was launched on January 10, 2020. It all started with three managers, who had the goal to make a difference in the Fortnite eSports sector. The goal was to create an organisation for a good cause, which stands behind their words and players. We also wanted to achieve the best with the resources at our disposal. That’s how it happened, in February 2020 Avesta Gaming was one of the top 10 teams in Europe where we can still hold our ground today. The focus of our company was initially based only on Fortnite until we finally decided in April 2020 to expand into other games.


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In the future we want to build a brand with a high reputation. We want to be a role model for other organizations and show them that with hard work and enough determination everyone can become a top tier organization. We also want to make this happen! Avesta Gaming should be synonymous with a positive experience and we fight every day to get closer to this destination. This is Avesta Gaming.

Last updated on 06.06.2020